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Delayed review process: Lapsed and archived

For subscribers only Whilst some judgment summaries are available to all, this judgment summary is reserved for subscribers only. If you are already a subscriber, you can login to see this judgment summary. If you cannot login,...

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Labour market features: Balancing conflicting interests

On 14 July 1994 the then Minister of Labour, Tito Mboweni, delivered a  speech to the Labour Law Conference in Durban entitled “The New Labour Market: Prospects for Accommodation and Conflict” and explained the...

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Health safety measures: Covid-19 latest directive

Mainly in the interests of those who do not have direst access to the Government Gazettes this post sets out the latest Directive regarding health and safety in the workplace which also affects a small business, but not to the...

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Job creation: Vested interests must fall

“We need to confront the uncomfortable reality that where bargaining councils are strong, companies are uncompetitive and do not create jobs.  This means that the transformation drive must not only focus on tackling the social...

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Secondary strike action: Things fall apart

With Numsa threatening that its members will embark on secondary strike action it is worth considering the differences between primary and secondary strikes.  Unlike any legitimate protected primary strike action the labour...

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