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Value-exchange: Pay for making challenging decisions

When paying someone for work a value-exchange is needed.  Challenging decisions must be properly rewarded but coupled with appropriate accountability. So the reference to “occupational levels” in schedule EEA9 to the Employment Equity Act (EEA) can be misleading.  It...

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Turmoil in the metal and engineering sector

There is turmoil in the metal and engineering sector where it is reported that 25,000 jobs were shed in 2016 and 500 businesses no longer exist.  Collective bargaining is breaking down.  There is disagreement between big and small, medium and micro enterprises. The...

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Justice with fairness: Fusing common law and dismissal law

Only gross misconduct should deprive dismissed employees of their statutory right to reasonable notice and severance pay. My inspiration for this talk was an article by Gwyneth Pitt “Justice in Dismissal:  A Reply to Hugh Collins” (1993) 22 ILJ(UK) 4:251.  It made me...

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