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Applying employment law: Two schools of thought

Watching the Senate debates in the USA concerning the appointment of a member of the highest court to replace the recently deceased associate judge it became noticeably clear that there are two distinct schools of thought concerning the interpretation and application...

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Protecting racehorses considered : just or fair punishment?

Employment rights Employees have constitutional rights, which include the right neither to be unlawfully nor unfairly dismissed.  Lawfulness requires proof of gross misconduct before employers may dispense with reasonable notice of termination.  Fairness obliges...

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Repudiating employment contracts: Trust and confidence

During 1996 the Employment and Industrial Relations Journal of the International Bar Association published an article written by Graham Giles just before the newly adopted Labour Relations Act, 1996 came into force in November 1996.  For the record the original...

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Human resource code: Equity policies and practices

Code of Good Practice An extremely important Code of Good Practice for human resource practitioners and all those in providing advice in the field of employment and labour law. Published in the Government Gazette on 4 August 2005. "Objectives 2.1. The objective of...

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