Latest Judgments in South Africa

Latest judgments – both reported judgments and unreported judgments

Access the latest judgments in South Africa immediately – both the latest reported judgments and the unreported judgments or cases. We monitor the courts and provide a summary of judgments and categorise them within about 24 hours. This enables subscribers to find the latest law quickly on any topic. Subscribers can also see the latest judgments in the various courts.

After a case is heard in court the judge delivers a written judgment and the parties to the dispute receive it.  But it is also provided electronically to SAFLII who then post it on their website. The judges usually indicate whether the judgment is important enough to be ‘reported’.  This is an indication to the legal publishers to consider including it in their official reports.  Those reports are sold to users who are interested in the law, more particularly legal practitioners such as academics, attorneys, advocates and judges.  But it usually takes a few months for those unreported judgments to be reported in the official law reports.


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Evidence: clear and convincing in labour disputes?

Evidence: Ponnan JA in Pather v Financial Services Board (866/2016) [2017] ZASCA 125 (28 September 2017) has drawn attention to the various tests used when deciding factual issues.  Senior managers would be wise to adopt the 'clear and convincing' standard given that...

Variable time employees: unfair dismissal for unprotected strike

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Guiding principles: application of policies in general

Guiding principles: policy regarded as a decisive factor in deciding the application and so in slavishly following it the merits were not considered.  That resulted in a failure to properly apply the provisions of s 7(4), read with s 7(1)(a) and s 3(3)(a)...

Breach of PAJA: FAISA debarment and no delictual claim

A breach of PAJA does not provide a delictual cause of action or remedy if its provisions are not complied with in general or relating to procedural fairness in particular. Odifin (Pty) Ltd v Reynecke (906/2016) [2017] ZASCA 115 (21 September 2017)....