Category: leave to appeal

Interpreting contracts holistically: Text context purpose

University of Johannesburg v Auckland Park Theological Seminary In confirming that the process of interpreting contracts must be done holistically the constitutional court repeated that ‘the inquiry into delectus personae...

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Defining financial product: Identify before determination

Impact Financial Consultants CC v Bam NO (Ombud) In defining the nature of a financial product the SCA stated that the Ombud’s approach to the application of common law principles in the determination of a complaint and...

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Lapsed appeal right: Appeal struck from roll

Myeni v Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) Full bench of high court considered a lapsed right to appeal and decided that for a decision to become the subject of an application for leave to appeal the application must have...

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Separating legal issues: Leave to appeal refused

Phatshoane Henney Attorneys v Trollip In separating legal issues high court cited authority for deciding that convenience must be demonstrated and sufficient information must be placed before the court to enable it to exercise...

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Leave sought twice: Res judicata and refused

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