Category: 2015

Legal privilege nature: Extent of confidentiality

SA Airways Soc v BDFM Publishers (Pty) Ltd (2015/33205) [2015] ZAGPJHC 293; [2016] 1 All SA 860 (GJ); 2016 (2) SA 561 (GJ) (17 December 2015) per Sutherland J. HC headnote Legal advice privilege – nature of – it is a...

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Unsold erven levies: Developer liable to HOA

Sable Hills Waterfront Estate Home Owners’ Association NPC v Sable Hills Waterfront Estate CC (39635/2013) [2015] ZAGPPHC 831 (10 December 2015) per Fabricius J. The High Court found in favour of the Home Owners’...

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Facebook account hacked: Evidence admitted by high court

Harvey v Niland (5021/2015) [2015] ZAECGHC 149 ; [2015] JOL 34909 ; (2016) ILJ 1112 (HC) (3 December 2015) per Plasket J. Two individual hunters were members of a close corporation [CC] but became bad friends.  Harvey applied to...

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Professional negligence: Assessing contractual damages

Sutherland v Drake Flemmer & Orsmond Inc (1576/2015) [2015] ZAECPEHC 65 (24 November 2015) per Revelas J. The High Court refused to uphold the attorneys’ argument that the plaintiff can only claim damages by referring to the...

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Retirement benefits: Not forfeited by settlement agreement

Heunis v Letsweleputswa District Municipality (2635/2015) [2015] ZAFSHC 200 (2016) 37 ILJ 895 (HC) (29 October 2015) per Mocumie J. The High Court granted the retired employee’s application and ordered the Municipality to...

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Forensic report privileged: Nature and extent

Du Toit v Stellenbosch University (10332/2014) [2015] ZAWCHC 126 (8 September 2015) per O Rogers J. In terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 the High Court compelled the University to provide a forensic...

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