Anglo Platinum (Pty) Ltd ( Bafokeng Rasemone Mine) v De Beer (JA 65/13) [2014] ZALAC 82; [2015] 4 BLLR 394; (2015) 36 ILJ 1453 (15 December 2014) per  Kathree-Setiloane AJA [Waglay JP & Dlodlo AJA concurring]

LAC summary:

Review of arbitration award – employee dismissed for breaching company’s policy against receiving gifts and favours from suppliers and clients – employee embarking on a hunting trip with an employee of company’s supplier – employee not disclosing favour received from employee’s supplier- Employee disputing any knowledge of the policy – commissioner finding employee guilty of the breach- Labour Court setting aside arbitration award – Appeal – employee having knowledge of the policy against accepting gifts, hospitality and favours from suppliers and knowing that the favour in question fell within the ambit of the policy –employee dishonest – failing by employee to accept any wrongdoing or remorse breaking the employment relationship – commissioner award falling within the band of reasonableness.