Workforce Group (Pty) Ltd v Van Zyl NO (NBCRFLI) (D 1131/2012) [2015] ZALCD 16 [2015] JOL 32887 ; (2015) ILJ 2182 (20 February 2015) per Snyman AJ.

An interesting and detailed judgment concerning the review powers of arbitral rulings and awards [145 and possibly 158(1)(g)] and the two stage approach,  bargaining councils, demarcations [62, 62(1)(b) and 62(3A)], the validity of collective agreements [24] and costs [162].  Ultimately the Labour Court decided that s 62 did not apply in the circumstances and that the employer was adopting delaying tactics to delay the demarcation dispute and refused the employer’s review application and awarded costs against the employer.