Mozart Ice Cream Classic Franchises (Pty) Ltd v Davidoff and Another (18784/2008) [2008] ZAWCHC 118; 2009 (3) SA 78 (C) (1 December 2008) and also reported in (2009) 30 ILJ 1750 (WCC) and cited in Du Toit et al Labour Relations Law: a comprehensive guide 6th edn (2015) at 82.

Refused interdict – franchise operation – restraint of trade unenforceable if designed solely to stifle competition – public policy needs to balance upholding contracts & individual’s freedom to trade –  unreasonable restraints unenforceable – need for protectable interest  – protect goodwill (trade connections, trade secrets & confidential information) – discussed relationship of public policy to contractual terms & values underlying constitutional democracy – suggests Wallis J, as he then was, mischaracterised “the very core nature of the dispute” in Den Braven  – methodology mandated by s39(2) of the Constitution.