Driven by trends such as globalization and technological change, Ontario’s economy has undergone major restructuring over the past several decades.  The biggest change has been the shift away from manufacturing and towards greater output and employment in service industries.  The share of private-sector employees working in service-producing industries as a share of total employees increased from 51% in 1993 to about 59% in 2014.  Comparable jurisdictions such as the United States have seen a similar trend.

We will continue to see growth in a wide variety of private service sectors, including knowledge-intensive industries such as professional, scientific and technical services, and financial services, many of which are traded internationally.  These industries are relatively intensive in their inputs of research & development, advanced technology and highly skilled human capital.

On 17 February 2015 the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, one of the provinces of Canada, appointed two Special Advisors to report on the changing workplace.   The Special Advisors have invited submissions in an impressive and informative document: :  Changing Workplaces Review: Guide to Consultations