“The arbitrator analysed the evidence and noted that it is common cause that the application (sic) received a request from the client to amend an invoice.  The applicant confirmed that it was part of his duties to assist guests with invoices, yet, he did not comply.  The arbitrator further noted that it is common cause that the application (sic) was aware of the rules and regulations of the respondent [Sunnyside Park Hotel].  He confirmed that he was trained and did not require any further training.  He was previously warned for poor work performance.  He had a valid final written warning.  The respondent applied principles of progressive discipline prior to the dismissal.  He was counselled on numerous occasions about his poor performance and he was offered a lower level job, which he refused.  At the internal appeal hearing, he was again offered demotion as an alternative to dismissal.  He declined”

Steenkamp J in Zulu v CCMA (Sunnyside Park Hotel) (JR1517/10) [2015] ZALCJHB 222 (2 June 2015)