Solidarity v SA Police Services (JS 469/12) [2015] ZALCJHB 120; [2015] 7 BLLR 708 (LC) (2 April 2015) per Tlhotlhalemaje, AJ.

The Labour Court refused an application concerning the use of ‘quotas’ instead of ‘numerical goals’.  The EEA uses the word ‘numerical goals’ rather than ‘quotas’. ‘The difference in the use of these terms is not semantic, and flowing from the distinction made in Barnard and other authorities referred to above, it is useful to add that ‘numerical goals’ or ‘targets’ within the context of employment equity plans are often voluntarily agreed between parties to set objectives and guidelines’.

The  numerical goals can be adjusted and the EEA does not sanction parties if they do not meet the numerical goals. Although fines can be imposed in respect of specific contraventions none of the provisions relate to ‘quotas’.