“As a speaker at the greatest annual gathering of lovers of liberty, FreedomFest, in Vegas, I interacted with some of the world’s most brilliant people.  The FreedomFest luminary list included Nobel laureate Paul Krugman; Whole Foods mogul John Mackey; Forbes editor Steven Forbes; media superstar Glen Beck; best-selling author and black activist Doreen Borelli; actress, producer and opera singer Naomi Brockwell; celebrated TV host Kennedy; PayPal founder Peter Thiel; boastful billionaire Peter Schiff; presidential candidate Donald Trump; contentious documentary presenter John Stossel; and petite North Korean defector Park Yeon-mi, whose incredible story of torture, rape and determination is destined to be a Penguin bestseller and Hollywood movie”.

Read Leon Louw’s latest weekly coumn on BD LiveLiberty works everywhere first published on 15 July 2015.