“Due to the huge inequalities and historical discrepancies in the mining industry, it is Uasa’s contention that it will be a mistake to follow the traditional CPI-based (consumer price index) approach when formulating wage demands in 2015.  Our members at entry level would like to see these inequalities addressed, hence they are resistant against the notion of percentage pay increases.  The members insist to know exactly what the effect of an increase will be on their take-home pay and that the latter should be easily understood by anyone in their respective households.”  Venter added that the union had been mandated to move away from the traditional “basket of items” approach.

According to a report on SA Labour News yesterday, Uasa spokesman Andre Venter commented as stated above.  Read As it tables its demand for gold pay hikes, Uasa wants inequality addressed which is based on the report by Molaole Montsho on page 20 of Business Report of 28 April 2015