The categories in GilesFiles have been numbered to correspond with the chapters in the latest edition of Labour Relations Law: A Comprehensive Guide 6th edn (LexisNexis, 2014).  In effect the book will be ‘updated’ and supplemented regularly with new important judgments as they are delivered and they will appear in strict chronological sequence.  With links provided, thanks to SAFLII, practitioners are able to gain quick access to the latest law and avoid those highly embarrassing moments when the presiding judge or an opponent ‘trumps’ an outdated authority.

By  clicking on the category LAC view all the LAC judgments delivered during 2014 in chronological sequence.  The summaries provided by the LAC are repeated and hyperlinks provided by SAFLII will enable you to read and download the entire judgment. Another important innovation allows you to read the description of the category or its exact wording by hovering over the category itself.

So by hovering over category 144 you will see that it reads as follows:

“144. Variation and rescission of arbitration awards and rulings.
Any commissioner who has issued an arbitration award or ruling, or any other commissioner appointed by the director for that purpose, may on that commissioner’s own accord or, on the application of any affected party, vary or rescind an arbitration award or ruling
(a) erroneously sought or erroneously made in the absence of any party affected by that award;
(b) in which there is an ambiguity, or an obvious error or omission, but only to the extent of that ambiguity, error or omission; or
(c) granted as a result of a mistake common to the parties to the proceedings”.