Many of us experience the same problems:

  1. Searching for resources does not produce meaningful results. For example, a search for “privacy” returns hundreds of judgments in the search results in no particular order. There is no way of telling which is the most important judgment or which case is a binding authority. The manner in which the search results are ¬†returned render them virtually useless.
  2. Information overload – it is impossible for everyone to keep up-to-date.
  3. Ignorance of all the judgments and awards on a subject can result in them being relied on as authority when they have in fact been overturned by a higher court.
  4. It is almost impossible or it takes a very long time to find all relevant work law resources on a particular subject.
  5. Many valuable hours are spent searching through resources only to find that they are not relevant or have been overtaken. For example, have you ever studied a judgment for hours only to find that a higher court has overruled it.
  6. It is very difficult to find all relevant journal articles on a subject. The articles are spread over multiple publications and it is very costly to subscribe to all of them. Even if one does subscribe to all of them, it is virtually impossible to research each one to find all relevant articles.

GilesFiles solves these problems.