Despite mythical memes to the contrary, there has been a spectacular “rate of change” racially with declining poverty and inequality.  Far from a “health crisis”, our rapidly rising life expectancy suggests that we are healthier than ever.

People who challenge myths with facts are usually vilified.  If you point out, for instance, that men and women, and people of different races, have virtually identical incomes when comparing equally qualified people doing the same job for the same period, you will be called a misogynist, racist, bigot, apologist, denialist and worse.

Propagandists create inequality myths by referring to group differences.  If Afrikaners prefer farming and Jews banking, Jews as a group may earn more.  If teachers earn more than miners, and more white women teach while more black men mine, the group difference is not due to employment discrimination.

Let us bust the myths and not believe the nonsense in 2017: Leon Louw, executive director of the Free Market Foundation: BusinessLive today published by Business Day.

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The person I regard as the world’s greatest living intellectual, Thomas Sowell, specialises in myth-busting.  My festive gift to readers for whom facts matter is a link to some of his most delightful examples :