It is reported by the media that the UK employment tribunal has decided that the relationship between Uber and its drivers is one of employment despite the contrary contentions of Uber.  If that ruling is eventually upheld on appeal ti will simply increase the cost of using Uber as there are no free lunches and someone has to pay for the minimum wage and other benefits for the drivers.  Some will argue that it is actually the taxi-drivers who are behind this case as they fear competition from the so-called self-employed persons.

Uber drivers win key employment case: BBC News today

Uber drivers in the UK have won an employment tribunal case which ruled they are workers rather than self-employed.

The decision means drivers will be entitled to holiday pay, paid rest breaks and the National Minimum Wage.

The GMB union described the ruling concerning the ride-hailing app as a “monumental victory” for some 30,000 drivers.

Uber said it would appeal against the decision made by the London tribunal.

The San Francisco-based ride company had argued that its drivers were not employees but self-employed contractors.

The landmark ruling could affect tens of thousands of people who work for companies with similar business models such as Deliveroo.

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