People who celebrate the extent of transformation expose themselves to vitriolic attack by denialists.  Opinion columns, such as this, express opinions.  When asked for sources regarding my opinions, I naively presumed good faith.  I supplied those immediately available and agreed to search for a missing few when time permitted.  I should have heeded the warning of an earlier victim who pointed out that the source of a writer’s opinions is the writer.  My opinion piece followed a State of the Nation presentation with nearly 100 pieces of evidence indicating substantial transformation.  None of the data were mine, although personal estimates by informed people are perfectly legitimate.

Read Leon Louw’s latest column Transformation denialism is an extreme form of racism first published by Business Day on BDlive today and click through to his earlier column as well.  “TRANSFORMATION denialism turns out to be a more extreme, insidious and dangerous form of racism than I realised when I wrote about it [SA’s bizarre transformation denialism]”.