In the latest issue of the Industrial Law journal [subscription required] published in the United Kingdom there are number of interesting book reviews, including one by Benjamin Mak The Autonomy of Labour Law (2015) Ind Law J 44: 289-292.  The book being reviewed is The Autonomy of Labour Law edited by Alan Bogg, Cathryn Costello, Anne Davies and Jeremias Prassl [Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2015, ix + 431 pp, hardback, ISBN 9781849466219].  A very interesting aspect concerns Mark Freedland who explores the evolution in Kahn-Freund’s attitude towards the contract of employment, explaining how Kahn-Freund’s initial enthusiasm for the contract of employment turned to disillusionment by the time Kahn-Freund came to deliver the 1977 Blackstone lecture because of the inability or unwillingness of English common lawyers to ‘implement a vision of the contract of employment into which worker-protective legislation was fully integrated as part of its mandatory and non-derogable content’ (at 40).