Yesterday Saturday 3 July – Germany played Argentina but I did not have a ticket having already been treated by my son John to watch Portugal thrash North Korea 7 nil in the rain last month.   But no worries; it was a perfect warm sunny windless Cape Town winter day and I took my wife to the Fan Walk.

We left Somerset West mid-morning and parked at Canal Walk where there were already hundreds of cars – cost R20.   Park ‘n Ride notices informed us we would be shuttled to the nearby station to catch the trains to the station in Cape Town.   We joined a long queue only to be told all trains were already full and no more shuttles going to Canal Walk station.   But no sweat the taxis would ferry us to the station in Cape Town from where we could start the Fan Walk.   Initially we were told it would cost R15 per person for the taxi but then this was thankfully reduced to zero cost.   We watched as the taxis raced to get to our ever-growing queue of anxious fans wondering if they would get to the ‘church’ on time for the start of the match at 16:00.   Some abandoned the queue and started walking to Cape Town in the hope of hitching a lift.

We watched the approaching taxis with unaccustomed admiration as they raced to collect us; going round the nearby circle the wrong way and even reversing back the one-way road to the car park.   Then they revved up their engines and did a quick u-turn forcing the u-shaped queue to move back and allow for rapid turn-around times.   What a sight!   For a change everyone was on the side of the taxi-drivers and they could now do no wrong and had our full support, as long as they got us to the station as quickly as possible.

We piled into the taxis (a first for my wife and myself) and off we went at full speed jumping traffic lights and cutting in and out of the traffic with the full support of the enthusiastic but perhaps reluctant occupants.   We passed hapless supporters walking along the national road hitching lifts and gloated that we had been patient and trusted the taxis.   Although it was a free ride I thought it only fair to tip the driver R40; he smiled broadly with a dankie baas!

Through the impressive new station complex, teeming with people and many visitors, all in high spirits and then into Waterkant Street where we joined thousands of enthusiastic people strolling up the hill and onto the bridge over Buitengracht Street.   From the top of the bridge the beautiful stadium was visible in the distance (more than one kilometre away).   Table mountain and the cableway on the left had many stopping to stare and take photographs.

We strolled along the Fan Walk with thousands of others singing and many blowing vuvuzelas.   Nearer to the stadium there were stalls selling everything from souvenirs to boerewors rolls and refreshments.   At the stadium we watched in fascination as wave upon wave of German and Argentinian  supporters arrived wearing outlandish outfits, costumes and head-gear.

Having watched for a few hours we made our way back along the Fan Walk as more and more locals appeared to be enjoying the day without any intention of watching the match itself.   We ate a tasty boerewors roll as we strolled and rested at the impressive Cape Quarter while enjoying a beer and an ice-cream.

Back at Cape Town station we bought train tickets (R7 each) and took the train to Canal Walk from platform 24.   The train quickly filled up with standing room only and off we went with everyone rather subdued and trying to find out the score – at that stage Germany one nil ahead.   Most of us piled out at Canal Walk station and there were our new-found friends, the taxi drivers, ready to welcome us and take us back to our cars – at no cost!   Again a tip and a big thank you to the driver.   A short walk to our car and off we went with very little traffic and arrived back in Somerset West just after the sun had set and to discover that Germany were the deserved winners.   Our other son Christo has a R100 bet on Germany winning the cup so he is still smiling.

Seven wonderful hours spent in glorious weather amongst happy fellow citizens with no untoward incidents of any kind.   There must have been over 200,000 (more like 300,000 I understand) on the Fan Walk and we travelled in a taxi for the first time.   Well done to the organisers and the City of Cape Town for an experience never to be forgotten.

I will upload some photographs soon.