Since that time, the world of work has changed.  The baby boom generation that swelled the growth of the post-war labour market is now nearing or commencing retirement.  The days when women comprised a small minority of employees are long over.  Workforce growth is driven by immigration, making today’s workforce much more diverse.  Younger workers entering the labour market bring with them new ideas, attitudes and expectations about employment.

Businesses today need to adapt to these changes to succeed.  They will be competing for talent, and greater integration of historically under-represented groups (e.g., women, workers from racialized groups, aboriginal persons, and people with disabilities).  These trends will increase the challenges as well as offer significant benefits associated with workplace diversity.

On 17 February 2015 the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, one of the provinces of Canada, appointed two Special Advisors to report on the changing workplace.   The Special Advisors have invited submissions in an impressive and informative document: :  Changing Workplaces Review: Guide to Consultations