Ontario, like other Canadian provinces and developed nations, has experienced a long-term decline in private sector unionization.  Union coverage has declined most sharply in the private sector for young workers, blue collar workers, men, and those with high school education or less. 

There is no consensus on the reasons for this trend, and there may be a number of contributing factors. 

  • Canada has experienced a long-term decline in unionization: for example, union coverage in the business sector fell from 27% in 1986 to 19% in 2009.
  • Unionization has fallen in all provinces and in other jurisdictions
  • Women now comprise a majority of union members in Canada
  • Young workers are the least likely to be unionized.

On 17 February 2015 the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, one of the provinces of Canada, appointed two Special Advisors to report on the changing workplace.   The Special Advisors have invited submissions in an impressive and informative document: :  Changing Workplaces Review: Guide to Consultations