“Chandelier bids are so named because the auctioneer announcing the bids may point to the ceiling or other areas of the room rather than at actual bidders.  This gives the illusion that bids are being made.  Chandelier bids are not illegal, but can be frowned upon by bidders who don’t like the idea of competing against imaginary competitors.  They are most likely to be used when the seller has placed a reserve price on the item, with the auctioneer having leeway at increasing the “bid” until the reserve price is reached”.

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As pointed out in Dispute of right or interest: Different dispute resolution mechanisms the Labour Appeal Court (LAC) has referred to a judgment of Mlambo JP in an earlier judgment of the LAC, but that judgment was not actually delivered by Mlambo JP.  He simply concurred.  Presumably the judgment will be corrected before it is published.