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Unreasonable award: Absence of a factual plinth

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Grading salary levels: Translating nurses

Denosa obo du Toit v Western Cape Department of Health (CA17/2014) [2016] ZALAC 15 (12 May 2016) per Davis JA [Musi and Sutherland JJA concurring] The Labour Appeal Court disallowed the appeal and upheld the judgment of Visagie...

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Jurisdiction: alleged unfair demotion and res judicata

PSA obo Traut v Department of Correctional Services (Western Cape) (C927/2013) [2015] ZALCCT 6 ; [2015] 5 BLLR 526 (23 January 2015) per Rabkin-Naicker J. The Labour Court reviewed and set aside an award for lack of...

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Occupational levels: General and specialist OSD

Western Cape Department of Health v MEC Van Wyk (CA1/2013) [2014] ZALAC 25 ; [2014] 11 BLLR 1122; (2014) 35 ILJ 3078 (LAC) (5 June 2014) per Tlaletsi ADJP [Davis JA and Coppin AJA concurring] The Labour Appeal Court disallowed...

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