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Right to be heard: Avoid formal disciplinary hearings

Workshop being advertised A workshop is currently being advertised for Initiators & Investigators to enable them to investigate, prepare for and present cases for ‘complainants’ at formal disciplinary hearings.  It costs...

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Unreasonable award considered: Straining limits

G4S Secure Solutions (SA) (Pty) Ltd v Ruggiero NO (CA2/2015) [2016] ZALAC 55 ; (2017) ILJ 881 ; [2016] JOL 37028 (25 November 2016) per Savage AJA (Waglay JP and Landman JA concurring) The LAC allowed the employer’s appeal and...

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Adopting holistic approach: CCMA balancing interests achieved

For the last 20 years CCMA commissioners have not really adopted a holistic approach and given effect to the purpose of the labour laws.  Section 74(2) of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) was amended in September...

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Entry-level and minimum wage: Not the same

By law all employers are expected to create a framework for each enterprise unit based on seven occupational levels (see EEA9).   But there should also be three ‘internal’ grades within each level.  So it is possible for...

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Retirees affirmative action: Special fixed term contracts

It seems that s 198B of the LRA makes special provision for ‘retired’ persons or retirees affirmative action.  Employers may engage their services on any type of fixed term contract simply because they are retired.  The section...

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