Tag: Constitution 32

Disclosing taxpayer information: Balance conflicting interests

Arena Holdings (Pty) Ltd v SARS (Jacob Zuma) High court dealt with a dispute concerning disclosing taxpayer information and ordered SARS to disclose the tax returns of the former president for the 2010 to 2018 tax years after...

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Alleged corruption discovery: PAIA confidential and sensitive

Panday v University of KwaZulu-Natal Applicant was characterised as a ‘busybody’ seeking information of alleged corruption but the high court decided that he was entitled to bring the application to vindicate his rights of...

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Reciprocal contractual obligations: Duty to disclose transfer?

Maoke v Telkom (Soc) Ltd (CPIC) Reciprocal contractual obligations of trust and confidence arise impliedly and have been accepted by the SCA as part of our law and in this matter the claim should have alleged that Telkom...

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