Tag: Companies Act 163

Minority shareholder oppression: Pricing policy terms

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Oppressive company conduct: Unfair shareholder prejudice

Valencia Holdings 13 (Pty) Ltd v Armitage NO Oppressive company conduct considered on appeal by full bench and decided that the “conduct complained of by the respondent in relation to the appellants are not the type of...

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Debarring service provider: FAIS Act interpreted and applied

Associated Portfolio Solutions (Pty) Ltd v B In allowing the appeal concerning the debarring of a financial service provider the SCA confirmed that the “FAIS Act vests the power to debar in persons who inevitably would...

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Complex interdict refused: Court considered interim relief

Big Catch Fishing Tackle (Pty) Ltd v Kemp Complex interdict refused by the high court after considering the rights of employers against former employees including restraints, unlawful competition and the use of confidential...

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