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Right to be heard: Avoid formal disciplinary hearings

Workshop being advertised A workshop is currently being advertised for Initiators & Investigators to enable them to investigate, prepare for and present cases for ‘complainants’ at formal disciplinary hearings.  It costs...

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Avoid criminal justice model: Only right to be heard

Uasa – Union obo Fouche v CCMA (Impala Platinum) (JR119/12) [2016] ZALCJHB 312 (19 August 2016) per Morgan AJ. The LC reviewed and upheld an award that found a dismissal was not unfair.  Once again the importance of...

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Discard criminal model: Justice with fairness – Steenkamp J

managers are not experienced judicial officers, but also that workplace efficiencies should not be unduly impeded by onerous procedural requirements

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Avoid formal hearings: Use appropriate language

Avril Elizabeth Home for the Mentally Handicapped v CCMA The labour court decided that employers and senior management should avoid formal enquiries in workplaces because the continued application of the criminal justice model...

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