CEPPWAWU obo Le Fleur v Rotolabel [division of Bidpaper Plus (Pty) Ltd] (C214/14) [2014] ZALCCT 69; [2015] 2 BLLR 147 (LC); (2015) 36 ILJ 700 (LC) (17 October 2014) per Van Niekerk J.

The Labour Court refused to make an arbitral award an order ito s 158(1)(c) of the LRA because it had prescribed.

‘An arbitration award issued by a CCMA commissioner or a bargaining council arbitrator constitutes a debt for the purposes of the Prescription Act and prescribes three years after publication, whether or not the award is one of reinstatement or compensation. Until the Labour Relations Amendment Act 2014 is brought into operation, an application to review and set aside the award does not interrupt the running of prescription. I am not persuaded that I should follow a different approach’.