Category: JC Froneman

Indigenous minority languages: Froneman J’s concurrence

Gelyke Kanse v University of Stellenbosch    Indigenous minority languages considered by the Constitutional Court and decided that it was “impossible to set aside or override its conclusion that it was not reasonably...

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Derivative misconduct analysed: Individual and collective

Numsa obo Nganezi v Dunlop Mixing and Technical Services (Pty) Ltd Derivative misconduct analysed and held that it would be wrong to rely on a duty to disclose as a valid and fair reason to dismiss employees rather than proving...

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Legality principle examined: Comparing PAJA reviews

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality v Asla Construction (Pty) Ltd Legality principle examined and dissenting judgment deals in some detail why it cannot agree with everything stated in the majority judgment. “In...

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Organisational rights threshold: Cachalia AJ minority judgment

Popcru v Sacoswu (DCS) Organisational rights threshold and there were different approaches to the problem. “The second judgment, however, advances a further ground to support its conclusion that the interests of justice...

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Funding political parties: Right to an informed vote

My Vote Counts NPC v Minister of Justice and Correctional Services The constitutional court’s unanimous judgment on funding political parties is important in many respects and will surely give rise to an informed debate...

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Doctrine of vagueness: Common law exercise of public power

Minister of Safety and Security v SA Hunters & Game Conservation Association The constitutional court considered the doctrine of vagueness and clarified that a rationality review is concerned with evaluating a relationship...

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